Questionnaire for Parents: Answer True or False

1.  I can't believe my child is applying to college!

2. I am busy, under a lot of pressure.

3. I am accomplished, with many talents -- only writing is not one of them.

4. My son/daughter has got to write a winning essay.  

5. I don't know how to get my son/daughter to write his/her essay. 

6. My teen rebuffs my offers to help.

7. I am tired of the slamming door and/or the silence behind the door. 

8. When he/she refuses my help, I feel helpless.  

9. I have no objectivity about my child.  

10. I am stressed out about his/her essay.

11. I am losing sleep over his/her essay.

12. I wish there was someone who could step in and help.

If you answered TRUE to four of more of the above questions, you need me. 







Questions for the College Applicant: True or False

1. I can't believe I'm applying to college!

2. I am crazy busy, under SO MUCH pressure.

3. I have an epic essay in me, I know it. 

4. I have nothing amazing to write about, my life is pretty ho-hum. 

5. My parents are breathing down my neck about this essay. They are pacing outside my door about this essay. 

6. The blank page (screen) is staring at me. 

7. My mind is teeming with ideas -- which is the right one? 

8. It is mission impossible to sum myself up in 650 words. 

9. Writing sucks. 

10. I am stressed over this essay. 

11. I am losing sleep over this essay. 

12. I wish there was someone who could help me jump through this essay hoop -- only not them (my parents.)

If you answered TRUE to four of more of the above questions, you need me.



Reasons To Hire Devon O'Brien, Writing Tutor:

  • My experience as a writer; I have been publishing since I was eighteen. 
  • My experience as a parent; I have been a parent for nearly a quarter century.
  • My experience as a journalist; I am quick to discern the strongest story.
  • My experience as a celebrity interviewer; I am sensitive to the salient and significant patterns of personal history, and to the surface and depth of personality.

The personal essay is my forte.  (HERE is a link to one of mine.) 

  • I treat teenagers with respect and care; they are inclined to respond in kind and get to work.

This may be your family's final year under the same roof. Everyone wants it to be as happy and harmonious as possible.  Outsource this task.  Contact me.