"Devon worked with my son on his personal statement for his college applications. She helped him formulate his thoughts in a concise, truthful, and unique to him way. She gave him tools that he will use going forward. Best of all, he loved the whole experience. There is no one better to guide a teenager during the pressure-filled time of senior year. I highly recommend Devon. My son's essay was better than anything I could have imagined."  Martha P.

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"Devon, I am writing this note as a form of commendation for all the benevolent acts you have done for me over the years! Your help with my college essays was simply prodigious in its benefits to me, and I say this with the utmost veracity! 

I will forever aspire to have an ounce of your constant gaiety, effortless decorum, and genuine disposition. Your Jane Austen Circle was so laudable, as it taught me to be a close reader, and to understand the importance of paying attention to new worlds while I am reading. (I do it with every book now!) P & P still remains one of my favorite books, and it all because of you! You are truly an amazing role model."  Eleanor H. 

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"Devon did wonderful work with my child, whose confidence in her writing had all but vanished in the churn and pressure of writing for school. She was paralyzed at the prospect of writing a college essay that would reflect who she was, who she had been and who she might become.  With Devon, my daughter rediscovered that writing is, most of all, a process of discovery, an experience of adventure. During their Skype sessions, I heard laughter, intense discussion, and occasional shrieks of recognition. Out of it all emerged a college essay written with the self-possession of a person who had found a voice. That essay opened doors that would otherwise have been closed to my daughter."   Mrs. P. Ranson

"I found Devon O'Brien through a mutual friend during my college application process.  Before Devon, I was nervous about the quality and the direction of my essays. However, from the first meeting, I could tell Devon was going to be instrumental in my college application process. Not only did she help me successfully brainstorm and give my essays direction and guidance, but she also helped me meaningfully edit and hone my essays into coherent final drafts. Her knowledge of the college admissions process as well as her writing skills together helped me write essays that got me into my dream schools. I highly recommend her to anyone who is potentially struggling to write their college essays or who is looking for someone to help their good essays reach a level of greatness. I cannot thank Devon enough for all that she has done for me!'  Nick, Future Freshman at UCLA.


"Over the weekend, our daughter committed to Brown University, her dream school for several years. We are so thankful for your constant support, your guidance, and your experience with not only the essay portion of the application, but the entire college application process. Feather, Inc. made all the difference! We can't thank you enough! All our best." -A Proud Mom


“The moment had come for our youngest to begin the college application process. This time, it was a bit different: She’s an athlete, away at boarding school, and our only daughter. The thought of helping our daughter ourselves -- to hone in on ideas and to complete her essays before the end of summer -- was as daunting for her as it was for us.  I decided to contact Devon and find out what her business was all about.  

Our daughter spent lots of time on Skype with Devon, brainstorming, writing and revising. By mid-August, thanks to Devon's expert guidance, the essays were complete and ready to be submitted.

The discussions and thoughtful reflections that our daughter and Devon shared were meaningful and provoking. It was wonderful for our daughter to be able to interact with Devon through Skype, and run drafts and passages by Devon for suggestions. Our daughter learned a great deal about the writing process, and found out some things about herself, as well. Thank you, Devon, for making a sometimes-grueling process both rewarding and memorable."  -Elizabeth F.

“The idea of working with my parents on my essays seemed out of the question. Devon seemed the ideal person to go to. Devon had me sit and just write about myself, giving me small prompts to go off of, but mainly telling me to let my ideas wander. Devon and I went through and came up with many different drafts. We found one we really loved. Edit by edit, we tweaked it to perfection. By this time my face to face time with Devon had ended, but we continued to work over the phone, through email and Google Docs. The time that I spent with her was invaluable to my success. She always knew exactly what to do with my drafts and the deadlines, in ways that neither my parents or I couldn't have done on our own. "                                                                                           -Clare W.
"Devon was instrumental in helping our daughter enjoy the process, and find a meaningful topic. By taking Clare's ideas and struggles seriously, she increased Clare's confidence in expressing herself. Our daughter learned a lot about writing which has continued to help her throughout her senior year. Devon was thorough and professional, and met all of the necessary deadlines.  We never could have done it without her!"  -Mary S.  Clare's mother.
"I reached out to Devon when I realized I had done as much as I possibly could with my personal statement.  I knew I wanted someone who had a way with language and the ability to ask profound and enlightening questions that would propel my writing to a higher level. After discussing and "soul-searching" with Devon for a couple of hours at my favorite patisserie/boulangerie, I had a score of notes and a clear sense of direction.  I confidently finished my essay." -Emily S. 
“Devon's input was invaluable. She inspired our daughter to dig deeply and find out what unique qualities she will bring to a university -- this was after months of procrastination.  With Devon’s gentle encouragement, Posey came up with a great and truthful angle she was very happy with." -Valerie M. 
“Devon’s spot-on editing feedback, her command of the language, as well as her playful humor, creates a synergy in the writing process that curbs the internal critical voice of the writer so that creativity can flow. Whether Devon is imparting wisdom about the writing, or sitting with my son as midwife on the critical college essay, she delivers on her promises with a distinctive flair, and a sense of comportment and savoir-faire that inspires both confidence and joy.” -Leah B.

As an educator with LAUSD for over twenty years (as both an English teacher and high school Principal) I know the work entailed in the college application process. I've even run a private workshop for students in the Larchmont + Hancock Park community preparing for high school applications. All that said, when the time came for our oldest daughter to embark on the process I knew I wanted her to work with Devon at Feather, Inc. The journey they took together was everything we'd hoped for as our daughter and Devon worked through a variety of prompts (for private and public universities) and engaged in a meaningful and deeply rewarding writing process. Perhaps most importantly, our daughter took ownership of the process and we were able to focus on the other pieces of the puzzle. Our daughter was able to write about what really mattered and secured several generous offers to attend the schools of her choice. Thanks, Devon!