Devon O'Brien is an award-winning writer. Her passion is to help you with your writing. 

Devon can help you discern what it is you want to say, write it in a clear, compelling way and in a manner true to you.

Devon supports writers of every type, stripe or feather -- novelists, memoirists, poets, playwrights, pilot writers, bloggers -- or students in any type of writing, either assigned or independent projects.

Her speciality is essay assistance -- the art of the college essay. She helps students conceive, compose, craft and complete the Personal Statement on the Common Application for college. 

Work with Devon takes the stress out of the college essay process and helps place your application in the Yes pile. She works with students in person or electronically, via FaceTime or Skype. In Los Angeles, she has worked with seniors at Campbell Hall, Crossroads, Hamilton, Marlborough, Oakwood, Pilgrim, Westridge and Archer, among others. She has worked with students at schools all around the country, like Deerfield Academy, Miss Porter's and St. George's, among others. Students have been accepted at Bard, Berkeley, Brown, Columbia, Oberlin, Oregon, Redlands, Sarah Lawrence, Smith College, University of the South, UCLA, University of Southern California, Syracuse and Wesleyan, among others. 





           Support for writers of every type, stripe or feather. 

       Support for writers of every type, stripe or feather.